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Dear world,

I am Elise, and this is my website! I am a songwriter, a singer, an accordionist, pianist, guitarist, a painter of musical portraits. I see the world through song. I process life through the lyrics I write - in other words I write songs instead of talking to people about my problems. I recently moved from Boston, MA where I was in school at the New England Conservatory of Music, to the suburbs of Brooklyn, NY. I spend most of my time at home drinking tea, reading novels, writing songs, playing piano, and making dinner with my six housemates. Sometimes I play solo sets of my original music in small venues, and recently I started a country band with four of my housemates, called Lissy and the Jacks, and we are very excited to fill the bars and taverns of New York City with the warmth of sweet country crooners throughout the Fall and Winter. I leave the city every month or so to teach at music camps, play shows in other towns, or record my music, and am currently in the process of recording my third album of original songs, in New York, which I hope to be releasing into the physical world and the interwebs sometime this coming winter (2019-2020) and to be playing a string of shows to accompany the release. Keep your eyes peeled! In the meantime, take walks, don’t forget there is a world outside of the iPhone, and join my email list if you feel inclined to! I will be settling back into my humble hobbit hole in Ditmas Park and recovering from a glorious summer of glowing snowy mountains and sunset swimming in the hills of Northern California, as well as a number of bluegrass festival thunder storm mishaps, and storing my acorns for the impenetrable cold of the city winter.

Yours truly,



Current Musical Projects

Lissy and the Jacks (Elise Leavy, John Cushing, Sam Talmadge, Chris Overholser, Aidan Scrimgeour)

Lissy and the Jacks is a Brooklyn-based band made up of Elise Leavy (lead vocals and acoustic guitar), John Cushing (lead vocals and bass), Sam Talmadge (vocals and electric guitar), Chris Overholser (fiddle), and Aidan Scrimgeour (piano). In the course of their few months living together in Brooklyn and sitting on the porch learning old country classics from the likes of Hank Williams, Ernest Tubb, Loretta Lynn, and many more, they discovered a natural sound emerged, reminiscent of these country greats, and they have decided it to take it out to the pubs and taverns of New York City. Every second Wednesday from 8pm until midnight they will be crooning to the crowds at Jalopy Tavern, warming the hearts of the cold, bringing tears to eyes of the drunken regulars, and wearing the soles off the shoes of the late-night dancers.

Ruthless Moon (Elise Leavy, Sam Talmadge, Caroline Kuhn, & Dan Klingsberg)

Ruthless Moon is a Boston-based quartet of songwriters that performs originals as well as innovative covers of songs by the Carter Family, Dolly Parton and others. Ruthless Moon's songwriting draws from every member of the band to create a sound that blends folky four-part vocals, jazz-influenced harmony, and orchestral arranging into a kind of song like no other. Ruthless Moon is Sam Talmadge, Caroline Kuhn, Elise Leavy, and Dan Klingsberg.

Album on Bandcamp:


Au Natural (Elise Leavy, Rick Chelew, & Nicholas Leahy)

Music and bio in the making… shows TBA!

FALL 2019


If you live in or visit the city of New York and need a warm place to rest your weary head and drink a pitcher of beer, or to dance your woes away, Jalopy Tavern is the place for you! Every second Wednesday the bar will be filled with crooning country classics from Lissy and the Jacks, to warm your slowly freezing toes and bring joy to your hearts.

Stay tuned for more shows from Lissy and the Jacks!




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